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The Professional Laundry Service in Fort Walton Beach, FL!

Professional laundry service is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you consider outsourcing regular tasks. However, the truth is that there are many benefits to such services. When it comes to the professional laundry services in Fort Walton Beach, FL, make sure you choose The Panhandle Laundry Company.

Services We Offer

Our local coin laundromat place is where you can get reliable laundry services. Our services are the convenient, safe, and professional way of cleaning your clothes and bed linen. Check the list down below to learn more about our services.

Regular Washing

Regular Washing
With our regular washing services, customers can keep their clothes neat and clean without moving a muscle. We use premium-quality washing powder to render spotless tarnished garments. We conduct our duties with attention and precision because we take seriously the trust of our clients.


Apart from washing clothes, we can also handle their drying. We use professional-grade machines that allow us to quickly but correctly dry different types of clothes without causing any damage to their fabrics. Our prices are fair and reasonable.

How We Provide The Services

The satisfaction of our customers is our main concern. That is why our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We combine that with the know-how we possess to provide you with the efficient, prompt, and safe coin laundry service you deserve. We never settle for mediocrity and urge you to make the right choice by calling us today!

Why and When Would You Need Our Assistance?

There really are many benefits to using the self-service laundry The Panhandle Laundry Company can offer. By using our conveniently located business you save yourself a lot of time and hassle. You also get the best prices in town, which really adds up for those who use the service on a routine basis. Take no chances with the way your laundry is treated. Whether you need a reliable laundry service for your business or quality drying options, we are the place to visit. Call our company today and make your life easier!

Want to learn more about our coin-operated laundromat? Just give us a call! You can also visit our About us page for the pros of choosing us in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Other Locations Available. Please call for information – (850) 347-5876

Client’s Testimonial

by Maria Scally on The Panhandle Laundry

This place is amazing! You should definitely check them out for your needs.

The Panhandle Laundry Company
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  • Regular Washing
  • Drying

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